About us

BUTRA CONSULTING has been operating since 1994 (formerly as A&J Merlin), initially starting business as a translation office and specialist language school. Over the years, having worked with and for global companies (e.g. Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Pearson, Edexcel, UPC /Liberty Global/, Nowy Styl Group) in many different sectors we encapsulate unique knowledge. With time as contacts have grown so has the product / offer range.

We now

  • train, coach and mentor in different countries
  • develop talents
  • translate (English & Polish)
  • support solution and customized offer building, selling and consultancy to business partners and their stakeholders
  • work with governments, ministries, local governments, professional bodies, chambers of commerce, universities, training providers, employers and their associations
  • build quality assurance systems for the training and educational sector and are acredited by the Polish Ministry of Education as an external quality assurance entity for certifying insitutions

 and we don't work alone as our business partners include:

  • MP Marketing


Our focus areas are Europe and former CIS countries

By working with us you gain the possibility of entering new areas of development, building your skills and gaining a new coach and mentor.